Previous walking tours

Here you will find a list of walking tours I have presented in the past. Don’t worry if you’re feeling like you’ve missed out – do keep an eye out on my upcoming tours page as many of these tours will be taking place again in future.

Tours for other organisations

“Plague and Scandal at the Clerk’s Well” – the burial grounds of Clerkenwell, part of London Month of the Dead
Previous dates: 24th October 2021

Walking from the heart of the City to Clerkenwell’s famous Exmouth market, this tour visits the resting places of both royalty and society’s poorest. Clerkenwell’s long history as a home for religious foundations is weaved in among tales of plague, scandal and even how a pub landlord ended up being eaten by a bear!

“Dead Man’s Place – 2,000 years of Death in Southwark and Old Bankside” – part of London Month of the Dead
Previous dates: 23rd October 2021

A tour of Southwark taking in old places of death and burial including Roman London’s southern necropolis, gardens which started life as burial grounds, forgotten plague pits and the haunts of some of London’s most notorious bodysnatcher gangs.

“In Search of the Gothic Revival” – a tour of West Norwood Cemetery, part of London Month of the Dead
Previous dates: 16th October 2021, 12th October 2019

A tour of one of the only one of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries to be designed as a Gothic Revival Cemetery, featuring some of its most beautiful monuments, fascinating stories, and how the Gothic Revival shaped and inspired funerary architecture in the Victorian period.

London Month of the Dead’s website is here

Southwark’s Lost Burial Grounds, for Southwark Cathedral
Previous dates: 25th September 2021, 3rd August 2019, 11th May 2019, 23rd June 2018, 4th November 2017, 10th June 2017

A tour exploring the fate of old burial grounds in the vicinity of Southwark Cathedral, including poor grounds and plague pits, burial grounds used by nonconformist and immigrant communities, and a special visit to the crypt beneath Guy’s Hospital Chapel – not usually open to the public.

Southwark Cathedral’s upcoming events can be found here.

“An introduction to the Novo Sephardic Jewish Cemetery at Mile End” – for London Historians
Previous dates: 22nd October 2019

An introduction to one of London’s most surprising cemeteries – marooned in the middle of a university campus in east London, Novo Beth Chaim was the main burial ground for London’s Sephardic Jewish community for over two centuries. Learn about the history of this unique site, and about the customs and symbolism associated with it.

London Historians events can be found here and here.