Keeping everyone safe

As well as aiming to bring you an enjoyable and informative experience on my guided tours, I am also committed to ensuring that my walks are as safe as possible for all attending.

What I am doing
When preparing for a walk, as well as looking to create a route that will be as interesting and informative as possible, I take into account the following safety considerations:

  • Terrain – are there any uneven surfaces, steep inclines or flights of stairs, or areas that get very wet or muddy?
  • Roads – are there any roads to cross on the route, and are there designated crossing areas?
  • Comfort – are stops likely to be particularly affected by inclement weather, and are there any places where attendees can safely sit if they wish to?
  • Other hazards – will the route be passing through any very crowded areas, places where roadworks or construction works are taking place, or where public access may be revoked at short notice?

I design my routes with the intention of minimising all of the above hazards, and at the beginning of each walk I’ll go over any potential hazards on the route so that all attendees are made aware of them. At each stop I will position the group to ensure that we are not creating hazards for other members of the public, for example blocking a footpath and causing others to have to step into the road. As a member of the Clerkenwell and Islington Guides Association, I am fully insured, but this still means that you are still responsible for your own safety.

What you can do
When you come on a guided tour, please take the following considerations into account to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

  • Cross roads with care – I will always aim to cross roads at designated crossings, but even in this situation please ensure it is safe before you cross – don’t just follow the rest of the group!
  • Dress appropriately – wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather (check the forecast ahead of time!) and consider bringing a waterproof coat or umbrella and a bottle of water (especially on warm days)
  • Be aware of your surroundings – please ensure that you are not blocking pavements or other thoroughfares for members of the public, and don’t take pictures of people without their permission
  • Don’t wander off – it can be tempting to wander off to take pictures during a guided tour, but to keep the group together and keep the tour running smoothly, please don’t wander off during the tour

Specific mobility needs
I will always ask at the beginning of the walk if anyone has any specific mobility needs (for example, you walk quite slowly, use a stick or crutch, or are a wheelchair user), and will always do my very best to accommodate these (it’s quite common that people ask if there are places to sit and rest during stops, which is something I keep in mind when designing walks, so please don’t feel you can’t ask for this). If you prefer, you can send me a message before the walk detailing any access or mobility needs and I can work with you to ensure you have the best possible experience on my tour.

We are not yet out of the woods with the Covid-19 pandemic, and I will continue to ensure that my walks are as Covid-safe as possible. Attendees are welcome to wear masks if they would prefer to do so.

Visit Britain’s ‘We’re Good To Go’ scheme has now come to an end, and there are no longer any government restrictions relating to guided tours, but I will continue to consider the risk of Covid-19 when planning walks, and would like to strongly advise that anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 does not attend my walks. If this happens to you, please contact me and I will offer you a refund or a free place on an upcoming walk.