Lectures and virtual events

The Covid-19 pandemic saw thousands of tour guides, including myself, take their craft online to bring virtual lectures and other events to platforms such as Zoom. This format has proved popular and accessible, providing opportunties to design events without the phyiscal constraints of a walking tour and enabling audiences from all over the world to attend. Even as the pandemic (hopefully) begins to ease, I will be continuing my online events to bring London’s history to a worldwide audience and share my research and passion for history with those who may not otherwise be able to access an in-person tour.

Next online event TBC.

Previous events:

“St Patrick’s Chapel, Heysham: a pre-Norman chapel and cemetery on the Lancashire coast”
Zoom lecture for Ely Archaeological Society, 15th November 2021
Available to view on YouTube

“Understanding the Symbolism of the Victorian Cemetery”
Zoom lecture, 22nd June 2021

“London’s Magnificent Seven Cemeteries: An Introduction”
Zoom lecture, 13th May 2021

“Face to Face with London’s Dead: a history of human remains on display”
Zoom lecture, 18th March 2021

I am planning to repeat some of these events as my current computer setup couldn’t handle making Zoom recordings without crashing! In the future I am hoping to be able to make recordings of online sessions so that they can be made available on demand.